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8 Simple Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

8 Incredibly Effective Ideas for Decorating a Small Living Room

Whether you have a small home or an apartment, decorating a small living room can be quite a challenging task. Mostly, this room witnesses the most activities than the other rooms. And if space is scarce, you must get creative with it.

This article describes 8 simple and effective tips for decorating a small living room.

1. Scaling the Space

When decorating a small living room, every square-inch and furniture counts. Ensure that every piece of furniture is scaled well for your available space. If you want to have maximum seating, the right choice is mid-sized sectional rather than a combination of an armchair and a sofa. If your space is less, you can achieve a sectional look by keeping an ottoman on the side of a couch. You can place a tray over the ottoman to transform it into a coffee table. Learner tables will always save floor space.

2. Colors and Patterns

You will have fun with colours and patterns when decorating a small living room. Patterns and colours can be mixed and matched with throw pillows and furniture. Make sure these mixes and matches do not create more focal points in your living room. To get an airy and fresh feel in the living room, follow a definite pattern in your space.

It is recommended to have a solid-colored sofa with throw pillows that have multiple patterns and textures. In this way, you can easily change the patterns and colors according to your season and sense of style.

3. Lighter and Brighter

Mirrors can make small living spaces look brighter and bigger. Place mirrors at the best possible places in your room. If mirrors reflect the tranquility that is present outside, your living room will get an airy feel. Make sure your mirrors don’t reflect the patterns in your room which will, in turn, make the room more crowded than it really is.

If you have less vertical space, change your drapes, window hangings and curtains to neutral and light colors to get an airy and brighter feel.  If your windows are not floor-length, you can go with floor-length drapes to make a small living room bigger. If you have limited space, instead of a floor lamp, you can get a chandelier or an extra pendant light as they will make the room brighter.

4. Need for Creativity

Minimal Accessories Living Room

Decorating a small living room will be food for your creativity. You have to think more about how to make use of the available limited space for seating areas. If your small living room is narrow and long, you can get two seating areas by placing two sets of sofas back to back.

5. Make It Appealing To The Eye

A small living room can get a bigger and interesting feel with the help of multiple lighting sources in various heights. This will give draw the attention to different areas of the living room and give an elegant look. A piece of art or some built-in bookshelves can be a major attention-grabber.

6. Monochromatic Color Scheme

Pastels at play living room colours turquoise rug handmade handwoven dromme sydneyIf you are not a fan of vibrant color patterns, then monochromatic color scheme is the right choice for you. In this way, you can use various tints and shades of the same color, along with white. These similar color variations will be more appealing to the eye. The room will look more open, larger and without clutter. You can add textures that give a stylish look and feel.

7. Minimal Accessories

As the space is small, it is advisable to keep artworks and accessories to a minimum. Place a few accessories for display and change them according to season and trend. Your artwork on the wall should be in larger in size to give the room a modern look. If you want to display your unique and treasured art collection, make use of a cabinet and display them as a group rather than scattering them throughout the room.

A beautiful coloured rug can make your living room pop. Going bare on the accessories but drawing the eye in with colour will make the room stand out. 

8. Simple Adjustments, Great Benefits

Your living room may be small but it has to serve its purpose for your entire family and friends. Try these simple adjustments and enjoy great benefits. Place a chair and reading lamp in an empty corner; it can be useful for doing homework and for peaceful reading. Everyone likes to have snacks or eat in front of the TV; this will be difficult if the room is small. The trick is to keep TV trays in the closet and use it while eating in front of TV; in this way, you can eat comfortably and enjoy watching TV while also saving some space.

Keep pretty baskets below your coffee table; it will occupy that extra space and may also be handy during playtime. Get many things off the floor as much as possible. Make use of shelves to display school projects and crafts.

Even though your living room is small, you can still decorate well to make it more appealing. Decorating a small living room is all about using your available space to the fullest.

Take time to collect all your design inspirations, and then come up with your own unique designs.

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