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Creating the drømme logo

Coco and the dromme logo

When we set off to create an identity for drømme, we knew that we wanted it to represent the essence of our vision and values. The drømme logo was created with thoughtful deliberation of minimal and modern design principles incorporating our Scandinavian inspirations. We worked tirelessly to ensure that while our design remained true to the functional and clean ideology, it was still approachable and fun.

The idea was to create something memorable and unique, and our designer Amit Baral delivered exactly that. A fresh take on the seal style logo, incorporating classic elements with a distinct font, the first identity for drømme had begun to take shape in September 2015.

We picked a Sans Serif variant font for the logo. A bold, simple and clean choice, it resonated deeply with our love for minimal yet imposing lettering and typeface.  Our love for Scandinavian design resonates through our collection, primarily in the restrained motifs created by Indian weavers who are often known for their busy artwork. Merging the simplicity of Scandinavian design with Indian handloom intricacies is a dominant aspect of our creation process and we wanted that to shine through our identity as well. The circular stitch of dashes through the inside represents the handmade nature of drømme’s products.

The black, monochrome colours keep the focus on its design elements, styles and structures, giving the logo only what is essential and timeless, and stripping away elements that might make it needlessly cluttered.

The logo design is meant to communicate the intent of drømme clearly and completely. In such spirit, the addition of ‘artisan handcrafted’ in a sleek ribbon element is a crisp and celebratory declaration of all that we love about what we do. The cross-stitch at the centre adds a touch of completion and polish, with a bold and straightforward function.

At drømme, we love creating beautiful and simple designs, made with love by people who have a legacy of craftsmanship. Our identity is all about combining the best of both worlds, the heritage of traditional art forms with contemporary design styles with our own fun twist!

We’re as excited to see our logo come to life as we were while designing it. What do you think?