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How to Choose The Best Rug For Your Home - What To Consider

How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Home

Choosing the perfect rug for your house can be a tedious task, as it is the thing that greets your visitors in your doorstep. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect home rug can be a wonderful and rewarding experience because it takes your aesthetic eye to the test. The ideal home rug should complement the design, colour and style of the place where it will be placed.

So how do you choose the best rug for your home? Here are the things that you should consider before making that important choice.


The colour of a rug matters because it should complement the design and pattern of the space where it will be placed. If the furnishings of the space have a lot of colour and have multiple patterns, you should pick a rug with a single or neutral colour, this will complement the appearance of the area. If you want to choose a rug with many patterns and colours, place the rug first and add your furnishings based on the pattern of your rug.

Rugs often occupy the largest space in an area, so make sure that your rug matches the tones of the walls, floor and other furnishings. However, don't be scared to test the aesthetic sense and choose a rug with a bold pattern. This might in return have quite a dramatic and positive effect on your area.


Many people often overlook the fact that the texture of the rug can affect the look of a place. Different textures in a rug can lift the appearance of a room and can make it feel more rich and warm. Or relaxed and cool - a cotton flatweave rug can accomplish this look.

Take a look first at your existing furniture before deciding on the texture of your rug. For example - your rug should contrast the finishes of your furniture. If you have hardwood furnishings, you should opt for a softer rug, while if you have a soft couch, you should look for a rug that is smooth and hard.

Also, make sure that you choose the rug based on your lifestyle and the people inhabiting your house. Your rug should be easy to clean and should be easy to walk on for your children. Shag rugs and raised rugs can cause children and elderly people to trip over, so be careful. A flatweave rug is washable, easy to vacuum and gather very little dust so can be a healthier choice for allergy-prone members of your home. 


The size of your rug also matters. It should occupy the size of at least your seating area in the living room. It is also ideal that all furniture should be placed on the rug but if this is not possible, at least their front legs should be. This is because when someone sits on the sofa, their feet should be on the rug and not on the floor. If you want to place a rug on the dining area, it should be placed under the dining table and when you pull back the dining chairs, they should still be standing on the rug.

For larger seating rooms, your rug should complement the size of the room. If you have a square room, your rug should be square or rounded; if your seating area is rectangular, your rug should be in the same direction.



Your rug should be balanced with the room design. For dining rooms, you can get a rug with a pattern to lift the room’s overall appearance as well as hide food stains. For bedrooms, you should go with a rug that feels comfortable to your bare feet when you take off your shoes or slippers beside your bed. If you have furnishings with a heavy pattern, your rug should have a solid colour or a subtle shade. If your furnishings are of solid colour, you should place a patterned rug to uplift the appearance of the room. It’s all about balance.

Suites Your Lifestyle

Choose a rug that you can easily take care of. Medium to high rise rugs should be cleaned annually to remove dirt and dust that are not typically removed by a vacuum cleaner. Lower and flat rugs require cleaning twice a year as well as spot-cleaning. You can have your rug cleaned by a cleaning service. Always schedule your rug cleanings to maintain a clean environment.

In summary, when choosing a rug for your house, choose the one which you love and feel comfortable with and which improves the design of your room. Also choose the one that you can look after easily. 

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