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Our job now is to mould the old with the new.

"we're going all the way just to see some weavers!" 

"..just some weavers?" she said and smiled 

"it's more than that, way more.. " This is how I remember our conversation before Shiv and I went looking for artisans in the heat of Rajasthan summer. It was June. And June in India is not easy. Especially not in Rajasthan. 

When we arrived at the village I was truly amazed at the work of these craftsmen who sat there weaving away on a traditional handloom. Working on designs just from their memory. No blueprints, no "rug plan". Working on designs that I'm told have evolved over years and years of change. 

After months of door-knocking and many trips to numerous villages and cities in Rajasthan, while juggling corporate careers and an ever-shrinking leave form the office; drømme was born in the Australian Summer of 2015. 

Our job now is to mould the old with the new. Fuse together artistry, good craftsmanship with modern design. Designs that juxtapose into the modern world yet fit right in. Designs that are hard to find. Yes, thats it, hard to find. 

Both Shiv (wife, Co Founder) and I have been very interested in finding the balance between trendy and tradition. And with the start of our new venture drømme we hope to achieve just that. Working with selected artisans that employ age-old techniques in creating uniquely hand-crafted products. Each one of a kind, finished to a high standard with a focus on construction and detail. 

Here's to good design!

drømme (Danish) - verb. Dreams