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What is the meaning of drømme?

Drømme is the Danish word for the act of dreaming (v.), to dream.

This venture began in our living room one afternoon. It was just a dream for us to be able to create designs that sit somewhere between rugged Indian-ness and Scandinavian sensibilities. What started with imagination, and as a dream is today hopefully achieved in drømme's designs. We hope these designs and products are something akin to a beautiful dream for you too.

Do you ship internationally? 

All our products include free shipping within Australia. We ship overseas at additional cost. This might vary on depending on location and weight of your purchase. Please contact before you purchase if you'd like to have our products shipped internationally.

Tell me more about your bespoke service

All of our designs can be altered in colour and size to suit your taste and needs. Our in-house designing means access to all the different shades available and can create the perfect rug, bespoke. We work with you to find you a rug that will truly be yours and can make one according to your needs. The lead time on bespoke rugs is roughly 60 days. 

Where are your products made? 

Our products are handmade by a small network of artisans in North-Western India. After months of hard work door-knocking around parts of Central, Northern and Western India for the right equipment, skill and quality, we have set-up close links with a small production facility. We work hard to ensure quality, fair wages and skilled craftsmanship are maintained. Working form their ancestral village homes our artisans are free to tend to their farms, family and cattle and work on the products part-time. This also has a knock-on positive effect on their lifestyle, ability to spend time with and school their children in village schools.

Do you have trade or project-based prices? 

Yes we do. We offer trade prices for all small boutiques who match with us on ethos and compatible style. Please drop us a note - or use the form below. 

Refunds / Exchanges

We do not offer refunds or exchanges unless of course the product has a material defect. In which case it's best to email us - Sale items are sold as-is