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What does Drømme mean?

Drømme means ‘dream’ in Danish.

We chose the name because the fusion of Scandinavian design aesthetics and Indian craft traditions seemed like a dream to us -until we did it.

Do you ship internationally?

All our prices include free shipping with Australia. We do ship overseas, but we have to charge extra to pay for shipping costs. What you’ll pay depends on your location and the weight of your purchase, so please contact us to arrange international shipment.

How does Drømme’s bespoke service work?

We can alter any of our designs to suit your tastes or needs. We design everything in-house, so we can consult with you about colors, sizing and pattern to create your perfect bespoke Drømme piece. Please be aware that because each rug is handmade from scratch, there is approximately a 60-day lead time on bespoke rugs.

Where are your rugs and cushions made?

All our products are handmade by a small network of artisans in North-Western India. We spent months knocking on doors, drinking tea and talking with artisans across Central Northern and Western India, looking for just the right mix of equipment, skills, quality and that certain something that let us know we’d found the right place.

Finally we set up close links with a small production facility, where we work hard to ensure fair wages and decent working conditions for several generations of skilled craftspeople. Drømme’s production facility is semi-autonomous; we don’t tell anyone when to work or what to do, so farms get tended, kids go to school and families have a life as well as an income. We’re as proud of that as we are of our rugs - which is saying something.

Do you sell to retailers, the trade or by project as well as direct to consumers?

We offer trade prices for other small boutiques who match with us on ethos and compatible style. If that’s you, please drop us a note by email at or use the form below.

What’s your returns policy?

We only offer refunds and exchanges if the product has a material defect. If you think you’re in that situation, the best thing to do is to email us at Items in the sale are sold as-is, and we don’t accept returns on those items.