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The Process of Making Cotton Handwoven Rugs

Our 100% Cotton Dhurries (flat-weave rugs) are handwoven with immense attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. What starts with yarn, takes 40-60 days before being completed as the Dhurrie you're holding.

Care, fine craftsmanship and artistry are hand woven into every handwoven rug that Drømme creates. Starting with yarn that has been grown and spun around Pali and Hanumangarh in Northwest India and locally sourced from the famous markets of Rajasthan, the journey of each of our rugs begins at our manufacturing facility where the yarn is washed, dried and preshrunk.

Throughout the creation of each rug, no fewer than twenty pairs of skilled hands pour their love and ardour into the finished product. It takes ten days alone to create 20- count thread from raw and natural cotton.

Following this dedicated process, each day, a skilled weaver will weave a few inches until the rug is complete. From the initial dying of raw cotton to the weaving and completion of the beautiful Dhurrie, the making of our beautiful rugs is a real labour of love.

Dyeing: To give each rug a beautiful, rich and vibrant colour, all of our yarn is dyed by hand using non-toxic, AZO-free dyes. Our dying process ensures quality and attractiveness in the completed Dhurrie while being non-invasive to the Environment.

Plying: Plying is an arduous process which involves combining 20-30 pieces of yarn to
make thread. The plying process is done with small machines which are carefully worked
by female artisans. Done in small batches, the care that is paid to the plying process results in a beautiful and durable finished product.

Preparation for Weaving: With the yarn dyed and plied, our artisans arrange looms with reels of thread to prepare for the weaving process.

Weaving: For a Dhurrie with a more basic design, the weaving process can take between 35-40 days. For a more intricate design this extends to 60 days. Using wooden handlooms, the weaving process is time consuming, yet the care that goes into this process produces a rug with an attractive textured uniqueness and strength.

As the Dhurrie passes through the skilled hands of our artisans, it is the person who begins the weaving process who also finishes it. The weaving is a self-managed endeavour so that each artisan has complete artistic control over their work. This results in a superior finished product as the artisan is able to fully realise their vision for their creation and knows what threads to use when and where.

Washing: Once weaving is completed, the Dhurrie is carefully washed by hand and left to dry in the warmth and radiance of the Rajasthani sun for one day.

Finishing Touches: Once washed and dried, each rug is carefully inspected for perfection. Female artisans with an intense eye for details carefully comb over each rug and remove any lose threads by hand. With this task completed, another few days are spent creating fringes by knotting leftover ends by hand.

With the creation of each rug reverently carried out, each Dhurrie completes it’s journey in Australia where it is delivered to its new owner as an artistic finishing touch to be enjoyed for many years.

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